Read more about the Emergency Department hereThe Emergency

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Canada Goose sale The department also has long standing links with the school of Pharmacy and Chemistry, Liverpool John Moores University.As well as using their courses, it also employs two lecturer buy canada goose jacket practitioners who are employed on a 50:50 and 75:25 split (Hospital: University). A number of departmental staff also lecture there on a regular basis, depending on the academic calendar and curriculumAcute Medical UnitThe Royal’s Acute Medical Unit’s (AMU) is one of the largest in the country with its own direct access. It provides a facility that allows medical staff to assess, evaluate and treat patients with a wide range of acute medical problems and conditions in a purpose built clinical area.The canada goose outlet Unit sees on average around 450 patients per week and 98 per cent of all medical patients admitted through the Trust are assessed through this facility.Patients are prioritised using a combination of Manchester triage guidelines and a medical early warning system (MEWS) thus ensuring that most urgent cases are seen first.Afterwards, rapid access to routine investigations results in over 30 per cent of patients being discharged averting unnecessary admissions.The Unit is also proud of its record of discharging a further 39 per cent of patients within 12 hours and 71 per cent of patients within 24 hours.Read more about the Emergency Department hereThe Emergency Department at the Royal is the biggest and busiest in Merseyside. Canada Goose sale

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